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Also called nordic (inline)-skating, is a new cardio workout. It is about Inlineskating with Skipoles and it´s used by cross county athlets since years beside their rollerski training to pass the snowfree times of the year. The physical movements so as the the skating technik is very similar to cross country skiing.

Only skates with a four-wheel frame and with a wheel size of 80mm are allowed at the competitons. Additonal equipment are knee-, ellbow- and wristprotectors so as nordic blading poles.

Nordic blading is originated in Finnland. More and more it becomes a common sport in Germany too. A German Championship in nordic combination was organised in summer 2000 by the German ski association. The tournament was a combination of summer skijump and nordic blading. In Switzerland and Austria a separate series of nordic blading competions developed parallel to the other skating tournaments-series.